Topic: bgp

New alert options for DASH

APNIC Blog | Published on: 2022-12-09

APNIC is pleased to announce the release of a new feature in the Dashboard for Autonomous System Health (DASH). Based on the alignment of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) with Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) and Internet Routing Registry (IRR) objects, DASH now has alerts for when these......

SONiC builds muscle for enterprise-network service in 2023

Network World | Published on: 2022-12-08

The coming year could be a very big one for the open-source network operating system SONiC as it garners start-up support and increasing interest from major networking vendors. The Linux-based Software for Open Networking in the Cloud decouples network software from the underlying hardware and......

Event Wrap: Peering Asia 4.0

APNIC Blog | Published on: 2022-12-02

APNIC supported and participated in Peering Asia 4.0, held from 2 to 3 November 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand. The event welcomed around 270 participants to hear from speakers on topics including BGP security, Internet operations in Thailand, RPKI and ROAs for Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), and......