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Arm introduces Neoverse high-performance CPUs for servers, 5G

Published on: 2019-02-22

There have been some interesting developments in the Arm-as-a-server processor field, from Cavium's success to Amazon offering much cheaper instances on its home-brew Arm processors. But now Arm Holdings itself is getting into the fray, and it's offering is a whopper. Last October, Arm announced ...

Arm introduces Neoverse high-performance CPUs for servers, 5G

Published on: 2019-02-22

There have been some interesting developments in the Arm-as-a-server processor field, from Cavium's success to Amazon offering much cheaper instances on its home-brew Arm processors. But now Arm Holdings itself is getting into the fray, and it's offering is a whopper. Last October, Arm announced ...

Accelerating Past the 6 Key Challenges of Deploying 5G

Published on: 2019-02-21

Network operators and vertical industries are under attack from both traditional and non-traditional competitors. To get - and stay - ahead, they must continuously reinvent their differentiating strengths and capabilities - in other words their DNA. This is particularly critical as 5G comes into ...

Researchers Propose New Approach to Address Online Password-Guessing Attacks

Published on: 2019-02-21

Recommended best practices not effective against certain types of attacks, they say. Automated online password-guessing attacks, where adversaries try numerous combinations of usernames and passwords to try and break into accounts, have emerged as a major threat to Web service providers in ...

SDxCentral’s Weekly Roundup — February 22, 2019

Published on: 2019-02-21

Here are the week's strays and stragglers we roped for you: Ethernity Networks launched a field-programmable gate array (FPGA)-based virtual private network (VPN) gateway. Splunk withdrew from Russia. The application management company will no longer sell its software and services to companies ...

Oracle, KPMG Cloud Threat Report Finds Confidence and Fear

Published on: 2019-02-21

Thirty-eight percent of security and IT professionals surveyed by Oracle and KPMG identified the ability to detect and react to security incidents in the cloud as their top security challenge. Unauthorized use of cloud services was the second most pressing concern, with 26 percent identifying it ...

Rakuten Lines Up an Ambitious Virtualized Mobile Network Plan

Published on: 2019-02-21

Japan's Rakuten has partnered with tech heavyweights to power its fully virtualized, software-defined mobile service. The company plans to launch service later this year, with CTO Tareq Amin stating that the new network will "innovate at the speed of software and scale at the speed of cloud."

Test and Measurement: Test vendors focus on IoT, 5G testing at MWC

Published on: 2019-02-21

Test companies are spotlighting internet of things testing and 5G at next week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, with offerings that reflect the continued ramp-up of new technology and an increased focus on devices as 5G commercialization comes closer.

T-Mobile to deploy full 5G coverage in The Hague during 2019

Published on: 2019-02-21

The Dutch telco said the deployment of this technology will allow the city to deploy several smart city initiatives The Hague is set to become the first Dutch city to receive full 5G coverage, as local carrier T-Mobile announced plans to start the roll out the technology this year.

The Business Value of Voice Quality Using WebRTC

Published on: 2019-02-21

Too many enterprises are penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to voice quality. For instance, they pay a contact center agent $25/hour (all-in costs including salary, benefits, office space, IT) and then try and save 10 cents/hour on voice spending.

Is Hosted UC Really the Way to Go?

Published on: 2019-02-20

Is the hosted UC cloud really the way to go? In a two-word answer, "It depends." I'm writing this post based on my personal experience with hosted UC solutions and presenting a slightly different perspective beyond the hype of the UC cloud.

How managed network services are evolving to simplify the global WAN

Published on: 2019-02-20

Fundamentally, the way that carriers (i.e. telcos) deliver managed network services hasn't changed in decades. The core architecture of this network, known as hub and spoke, consists of branches talking to the data center over a managed network with a separate firewall in the middle.

From tree frogs to traffic management: tackling the new WAN requirements of the IoT

Published on: 2019-02-20

Posted by Arthur Cole on February 20, 2019 Wide area network architectures are rapidly evolving to accommodate the internet of things (IoT), with everything from advanced fiber-based data center interconnects (DCIs) to software-defined WANs (SD-WANs) on the table. But in addition to the ...

Edge security: There’s lots of attack surfaces to worry about

Published on: 2019-02-19

The problem of edge security isn't unique - many of the issues being dealt with are the same ones that have been facing the general IT sector for decades. But the edge adds its own wrinkles to those problems, making them, in many cases, more difficult to address.

Why I’m excited for Apple’s Wi-Fi 6 iPhones

Published on: 2019-02-19

Don't fret too much when Apple fails to introduce a 5G iPhone this year, it's not terribly important that it does. Wi-Fi 6, on the other hand... The latest edition of Cisco's Mobile Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast (2017 - 2022) makes several predictions around 5G.

Cisco Reports Second Quarter Earnings FY19

Published on: 2019-02-13

Q2 Results: Revenue: $12.4 billionGrowth of 7% year over year (normalized to exclude the divested SPVSS business for Q2 FY 2018) Earnings per Share: GAAP: $0.63; Non-GAAP: $0.73Non-GAAP EPS increased 16% year over year Q3 Guidance (normalized to exclude the divested SPVSS business for Q3 FY ...

Software-defined connectivity planned for colocation data centers

Published on: 2019-02-08

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80 percent of enterprises will migrate entirely away from their on-premises data centers. Instead they'll follow the current trend of moving workloads to colocation, hosting and the cloud, leading them to shut down their traditional data centers.

What is hyperconvergence?

Published on: 2019-02-07

Hyperconvergence is an IT framework that combines storage, computing and networking into a single system in an effort to reduce data center complexity and increase scalability. Hyperconverged platforms include a hypervisor for virtualized computing, software-defined storage, and virtualized ...

Time to rise to the synchronization challenges of 5G

Published on: 2019-02-01

2019 is set to be the year of 5G when the next-generation network technology finally arrives and changes the face of the mobile world. But for operators to make a success of 5G deployments, they need to prepare their transport and synchronization ...

What does 2019 hold for the DCI?

Published on: 2019-01-25

Posted by Arthur Cole on January 25, 2019 The data center interconnect (DCI) is emerging as the next big architectural challenge for network service providers, a result of the enterprise's growing reliance on distributed cloud architectures for increasingly heavy production workloads.

CoreDNS joins Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy

Published on: 2019-01-24

CoreDNS, the DNS server created to serve as support infrastructure for Kubernetes, has been "graduated" by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, sustainers of Kubernetes and other open source technology for building modern clouds.

2019: Look for improvements to software-defined data-center networks

Published on: 2018-12-10

To help IT pros attain top performance for their software-defined data-center networks (SDDCN), we have identified 10 crucial technology areas to watch and evaluate during 2019. SDDCN performance requires advanced network software to provision, manage and secure high-speed traffic flows, and ...

How to buy SD-WAN technology: Key questions to consider when selecting a supplier

Published on: 2018-12-03

Software-defined WAN traffic is exploding, and so is the number of technology providers competing for enterprise SD-WAN customers. Here are some key issues to consider as IT pros investigate SD-WAN deployment options and weigh the importance of features such as application prioritization, ...

Review: 6 slick open source routers

Published on: 2018-02-01

Hackers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but the lousy stock firmware your routers shipped with. Apart from smartphones, routers and wireless base stations are undoubtedly the most widely hacked and user-modded consumer devices.

Why dynamic mapping is changing network troubleshooting for the better

Published on: 2017-05-15

Effective network troubleshooting requires experience and a detailed understanding of a network’s design. And while many great network engineers possess both qualities, they still face the daunting challenge of manual data collection and analysis.The storage and backup industries have long been ...

Aruba Wireless Controllers: Architecture & Configurations

Published on: 2019-02-21

A little bit of training, some researching, and a lot of time on the GUI is what I found to be the recipe in getting comfortable with Aruba Wireless Controllers. Even though I spent more time configuring the controllers via GUI, knowing the syntaxes I now find it much simpler to do it via the CLI.

Atmosic and the Power of RF?

Published on: 2019-02-21

I recently talked to a company doing some very interesting things in the mobility space and I thought I'd take a stab at writing about them. Most of my mobility posts are about access points or controller software or me just complaining in general about the state of Wi-Fi 6.

Move to DNA or ACI?

Published on: 2019-02-21

Relationship of Cisco ONE to DNA and ACI Digital business relies upon a new digital network, in enterprise networking and the data center. This new network requires a software-based and policy-driven approach, automation, built-in security, proactive monitoring and troubleshooting.

Preaching the benefits of human networks

Published on: 2019-02-21

In a technical environment dominated by talk of infrastructure, it can be easy to overlook the human element driving it all. APNIC's Training Delivery Manager Tashi Phuntsho, who is working hard to expand the Community Trainers Program , or as he describes, "evangelise human networking amongst ...

Automation: Tools vs Languages

Published on: 2019-02-20

When it comes to expressing intent in automation workflows, there is validation in both using a task or workflow engine and also knocking it together using scripting in some language. I try not to get involved in tool or language wars, but quite honestly sometimes can't help myself.

KRSeries: The man who introduced the Internet to Asia

Published on: 2019-02-19

This article is the second in our KRSeries ahead of APRICOT 2019 in Daejeon, South Korea. Read the first article here. Since the beginning of time, humans have developed origin stories to explain how elements of the natural and social world came to be.

“5G Ready” Is Real With the New K2-Series

Published on: 2019-02-19

In my last blog, I talked about the importance of "5G-ready" security. Along with the release of PAN-OS Version 9.0, Palo Alto Networks has announced the general availability of the K2-Series 5G-ready next-generation firewall (NGFW) products. K2-Series puts service providers on the path to 5G ...

Managing Automation – Fighting Fear of Job Justification

Published on: 2019-02-14

Dear Employees We have decided to implement automation in our environment because robots and programs are way better than people. We will need you to justify your job in the next week or we will fire you and make you work in a really crappy job that doesn't involve computers while we light cigars...

5G-Ready Network Today Requires a Secure, Automated Cloud Architecture

Published on: 2019-02-12

Imagine playing an immersive VR video game on your cell phone with friends around the world, in real time, with zero delays, while traveling in a self-driving car. It's not that far-fetched: this is just one of the many possible scenarios that the future holds with the emergence of 5G.

Dealing with Performance Brownouts

Published on: 2019-02-07

I've done a couple of application slowness (brownout) troubleshooting sessions recently. This blog is my attempt to condense some observations from both engagements, to share lessons learned. "Condense" might not be the right word, seeing how long this blog got! Troubleshooting with some process ...

Certifications Are About Support

Published on: 2019-02-07

You may have seen this week that VMware has announced they are removing the mandatory recertification requirement for their certification program. This is a huge step from VMware. The VCP, VCAP, and VCDX are huge certifications in the virtualization and server industry. VMware has always wanted ...

SDN Ate My Hamster

Published on: 2019-02-04

I posted a Tweet the other day which gained a lot of attention in the networking community: As SDN gains more traction, people start fearing for their jobs. Some jobs will decrease in demand and some will disappear entirely. However,

The Other Intent-Based Networking

Published on: 2019-01-31

Anyone who is in networking and who knows me is likely aware that I find a fair amount of fault with "Intent-Based Networking". It has rubbed me wrong since I first heard it as the latest Cisco campaign, having been through many other flavors-of-the-month through the years.

Just Say No to Jumbo Frames

Published on: 2019-01-24

How do you feel about jumbo MTU? I seem to periodically get into debates about jumbos. I'm highly allergic to jumbos. Let's examine the facts (as I see them), and then we'll get to the cause of my allergic reaction. TL;DR: jumbo can cause major operational pain for network administrators.

NAE: Some Help Dealing with Brain Block

Published on: 2019-01-17

For years, thanks to the gift of misaligned perception, I've been mentally blocked. I've avoided things like Machine Learning because my perceived skill with mathematics is weak, avoided programming languages like C# because the perceived uphill hike to get familiar is high and avoided front end ...

Ways to Automate VXLAN

Published on: 2019-01-10

More and more sites are deploying Cisco Nexus 9K-based fabrics. Basically, if the time has come for datacenter switch refresh, you have two choices: Nexus 7700 etc. with a "classic Nexus" design (core, distribution, Top of Rack, FEX), or Nexus 9K-based fabrics. Fabrics are cool and look like a ...

NAE: Automation and Time

Published on: 2019-01-08

Time is the enemy of everything in the field of IT. It doesn't matter whether you are a designer or operator. Time is your sworn enemy. In all the training and certifications I've ever done, all that is missing is a knighting ceremony in which a sword is laid on your shoulders and you're sworn ...

The Changing Cisco QoS Environment

Published on: 2019-01-03

A few months ago, I wrote about the tradeoffs between using a L3 switch and a router. That blog noted that there are a lot more QoS capabilities on the Cisco routers. L3 switches provide a much more constrained set of QoS features, presumably those suitable for high speed processing in chips.

2018 was a good and busy year ! Things I have done during the last year

Published on: 2019-01-02

2018 is done! I wanted to share what I have done during the last year. During 2018, probably the biggest decision for me was establishing a company in Turkey. This photo was taken during a CCDE Bootcamp 10 days after I opened my office in Istanbul.

My Home Automation Gear

Published on: 2018-12-30

I've mostly kept this blog around virtualization technology. Over the last few months, I've had more and more conversations about home automation and how my house is tricked out. A lot of people seem to be interested in my setup, so I'm going to start sharing more on the gear, workflows & results.

Vendor Lock-in – Is It Really That Bad?!

Published on: 2018-12-30

In today's IT infrastructure, open source software is a common component. Many organizations and network engineers stay away from certain architectures and products citing vendor lock-in as their only argument but often lack the understanding to why they think vendor

SD-WAN – Glorified DMVPN?

Published on: 2018-12-28

I had an interesting discussion with Jon Cooper in the Network Collective Slack. The discussion was around SD-WAN. We were discussing if SD-WAN is just a "glorified DMVPN" or if it's something more than that. Note that this was a

Innovation or Iteration

Published on: 2018-02-16

The word "innovation" gets thrown around a lot these days. I wouldn't blame anyone if the word now evokes a gag reflex similar to how we all eventually reacted to "cloud" a few years back. Every product and presentation seemed to be reworked to make it appear it was a "cloud" product.

Cisco IT Blog Awards Finalist

Published on: 2018-12-10

I'm proud to announce that I've been selected as a finalist in the Cisco IT Blog Awards in the "most inspirational" category. I'm happy to be in this category as I hope that my posts here have inspired others to

Do I Need a WAN?

Published on: 2018-12-08

In the latest Network Break, Network Break 213 from Packet Pushers, they discussed some of the latest news in networking, such as Amazon Outpost. With the rise of SaaS applications, the questions was also raised, do I even need a

GORUCK Indianapolis Veterans Day Tough AAR

Published on: 2018-11-15

The time had finally come for the Veterans Day Tough and we were ready. I was thrilled to have my oldest son and my oldest daughter joining me for the event. My son had just finished the Heavy a few hours ago and this was to be my daughter's first Tough.

Sharkfest 2018 EU

Published on: 2018-11-07

Sharkfest 2018 EU recap Vienna

Understanding Cisco DMVPN

Published on: 2018-06-26

In an old post, dated 2011, I explained various types of VPN technologies. In seven years several things have changed: SHA1 is deprecated, des and 3des are no more used for security issues, but some VPN technologies are still used with protocols more secure (SHA256, AES, ...).

Cisco Smart Install Remote Code Execution

Published on: 2018-04-05

At the end of March, Cisco published a stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability in Smart Install Client code. This vulnerability enables an attacker to remotely execute arbitrary code without authentication. So it allows getting full control over a vulnerable network equipment. Cisco Smart ...

“Thirteen hundred APs, no open support tickets” – achieving quality in wireless networks

Published on: 2018-10-08

"Thirteen hundred APs, no open support tickets," Sudheer Matta, VP of Products for Mist Systems, boldly stated during his MFD3 presentation. At the time, he was referencing one of their largest customers specifically, but the company's desire to prevent bugs, create high quality customer ...

RedNectar’s Hyperflex Pre-Install Checklist (Updated)

Published on: 2018-10-06

Completing Cisco's Pre-installation Checklist for Cisco HX Data Platform will capture all the information you need, but not necessarily in the order you need it, and for a single site only. So, I decided to write a version that gets the information in the order you need it and in a format that's ...

Outdoor WiFi is Smaller, Sleeker and Faster #HPE #Aruba #MFD3 #AP387

Published on: 2018-10-01

Once upon a time, I found myself doing a lot of outdoor WiFi. Not the type of outdoor WiFi you hear people talking about now (stadiums or arenas), but college campuses, outdoor mesh and point to point links. Recently at Mobility Field Day 3, I ran across this sweet little access point by Aruba.

Solving 802.11ad challenges

Published on: 2018-09-24

The 802.11ad (60GHz) market has been interesting to watch, especially now that products utilizing the technology are becoming more prevalent. Vendors leveraging 802.11 in a frequency band whose propagation properties differ significantly from the traditional 802.11 bands of 2.4 and 5GHz mean new ...

Attacking Wireshark

Published on: 2018-09-03

Every once in a while there is some news about Wireshark being vulnerable to being attacked/exploited/pwned, meaning that there is a way to craft frames/packets in a pcap/pcapng file to make Wireshark crash and (if done right) execute malicious code. So let's take a look at what that means and ...

Nyansa Voyance at NFD18

Published on: 2018-08-16

Disclaimer : I was lucky enough to have been invited to attend Network Field Day 18 this past July in Silicon Valley. This event brings independent thought leaders to a number of IT product vendors to share information and opinions.

Cisco OpFlex

Published on: 2018-06-12

Cisco ACI uses OpFlex to communicate with VMWare DVS/VDS. OpFlex is an extensible policy protocol designed to exchange abstract policy between a network controller and a set of smart devices capable of rendering policy. OpFlex relies on a separate information model understood by agents in both ...

RSSI Conundrum

Published on: 2018-03-14

What’s the number one go to value for “design” a wireless network? If you ask most people they will say RSSI. Received Signal Strength Indicator, or RSSI, is the quickest way to see if you have coverage. It’s the “four bars” approach to wireless design, but it isn’t anywhere close to designing a ...

The Overlay Problem: Getting In and Out

Published on: 2016-09-30

I've been researching overlay network strategies recently. There are plenty of competing implementations available, employing various encapsulations and control plane designs. But every design I've encountered seems ultimately hampered by the same issue: scalability at the edge. Why Build an ...

Taking the CCIE Lab in RTP

Published on: 2016-07-29

Cisco's campus in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, is one of only two places in the United States where candidates can complete a CCIE lab exam (the other being in San Jose, California). People fly in from all over the eastern US and beyond to spend a day taking the exam. Lots of folks ...

Wi-Fi Capacity Infographic

Published on: 2017-11-13

Learn tips and tricks for building a high-performance WLAN!I teamed up with the great staff at Ekahau to put together this infographic about how to design and deploy high capacity Wi-Fi. It's the second poster in the series, following the Wi-Fi Design Poster that focused on radio frequency (RF) ...

Capacity Planner Version 2.0 Released

Published on: 2017-06-01

Modern Wi-Fi networks are complex beasts. Despite all the fancy new features in products, the technology is only becoming more complex and the demands on the network are only growing. Wi-Fi is the most heavily used method to transport user data today, eclipsing cellular and LAN traffic volum

L3 fabric DC -The underlay Network (BGP) -part2

Published on: 2017-01-17

In the previous post, we laid the foundation of L3 fabric DC In this post we will discuss the underlay network which mainly provide IP reachability plus ECMP capability, here BGP would play a role in your DC next to the 3 other that we discussed one of the previous posts.

L3 fabric DC -The underlay Network -Part1

Published on: 2016-12-07

In the previous posts we have discussed the classic DC designs and the M-LAG solution. In this post we will cover the basic L3 fabric DC, you might never heard of it or you think that's a solution for massive scale DC, yes the massive DC in the world would be running L3 fabric but nowadays more ...

Classic DC and M-LAG

Published on: 2016-08-29

In the pervious post we talked about BGP in Data Center and how it is a topic of discussion in between the DC and the SP arenas. In this post I will start explaining some classic DC design and laying its shortage which will engage the SP gurus with us, as well it will make sure ...

Download the New 'Wi-Fi Design Poster' Today!

Published on: 2016-06-09

Performing a proper Wi-Fi design is critical to success. Modern WLANs have grown ever more complex, having to provide high quality coverage, meet density and capacity requirements, facilitate user mobility and roaming, all while minimizing both Wi-Fi interference and external RF interference. ...

Still Undecided About Cisco Live? Take a Sneak Peek!

Published on: 2015-04-15

If you still aren't convinced to go to Cisco Live! this year in San Diego, perhaps a sneak peek at two of the courses will help. BRKRST-2311P - IPv6 Planning, Deployment and Troubleshooting (1 Hour) Presented by Jim Bailey - Technical Leader, Cisco 10:00am PDT / 12:00pm CDT/1:00pm EDT This ...

there are many ways

Published on: 2016-05-10

Two vendors, two OSPFs. Does this come as a surprise to you? No? Welcome to the club. I was neglecting this blog for a while, more than 2 years actually. Well, things changed in my personal life, but this is out of scope for this whiteboard. Let me stick to networking stuff here.

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