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Mellanox Infuses Ethernet Switches With Network Telemetry Tech

Published on: 2019-05-13

Mellanox bolstered its Ethernet switches with network telemetry technology to monitor the data plane for public clouds, private clouds, and enterprise computing. The monitoring technology, which it named What Just Happened (WJH), helps enterprises identify anomalies in the data plane.

Best mesh Wi-Fi routers: Reviews and buying advice

Published on: 2019-05-10

A great wireless router is an essential element of tech life, whether you're building out a smart home or you just want the best experience streaming music and video at home.

Best mesh Wi-Fi routers: Reviews and buying advice

Published on: 2019-05-10

A great wireless router is an essential element of tech life, whether you're building out a smart home or you just want the best experience streaming music and video at home.

The 10 most powerful companies in enterprise networking

Published on: 2019-05-07

Enterprises recognize that all of the new technologies they want to deploy - IoT, edge computing, serverless, containers, hybrid cloud, and AI - require a robust, flexible, secure, self-healing, software-driven network. And the industry has responded with fresh new approaches such as ...

Cisco boosts SD-WAN with multicloud-to-branch access system

Published on: 2019-05-06

Cisco is looking to give traditional or legacy wide-area network users another reason to move to the software-defined WAN world. The company has rolled out an integrated hardware/software package called SD-WAN Cloud onRamp for CoLocation that lets customers tie distributed multicloud ...

A smarter way of looking at energy consumption

Published on: 2019-05-02

The UK's Department of Energy and Climate Change is in the throes of rolling out a smart metering initiative, where all domestic and non-domestic properties across Great Britain will reap the so-called benefits of both "smart" electricity and gas meters.

Cisco Ushers in a New Wireless Era with Wi-Fi 6

Published on: 2019-04-29

Today Cisco is announcing innovative solutions that help customers embrace a new age of wireless connectivity. Wi-Fi 6 (also known as 802.11ax), the new standard for Wi-Fi networks, is redefining what's possible for businesses - powering a new era of immersive wireless experiences and the ...

What SDN is and where it’s going

Published on: 2019-04-16

Hardware reigned supreme in the networking world until the emergence of software-defined networking (SDN), a category of technologies that separate the network control plane from the forwarding plane to enable more automated provisioning and policy-based management of network resources.

Juniper opens SD-WAN service for the cloud

Published on: 2019-04-09

Juniper has taken the wraps off a cloud-based SD-WAN service it says will ease the management and bolster the security of wired and wireless-connected branch office networks.

3 Questions to Consider When Choosing an HPE Gen10 Server

Published on: 2019-05-14

HPE provide various series of servers to meet a variety of customers' needs. There are ProLiant series ( DL380 Gen10, DL360 Gen10, etc.), Apollo servers, Edgeline series and others. As the server family is so big, how can we choose a right one? Here shares you an answer.

Protecting the Internet of Things with MUD

Published on: 2019-05-14

We've been working on a new technology at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to help Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers and users protect themselves and others from vulnerabilities. The basis of our work is: no matter how hard we try, IoT devices (or Things) will always have some ...

IT And The Exception Mentality

Published on: 2019-05-10

If you work in IT, you probably have a lot in common with other IT people. You work long hours. You have the attitude that every problem can be fixed. You understand technology well enough to know how processes and systems work. It's fairly common in our line of work because the best IT people...

Economic factors affecting IPv6 deployment

Published on: 2019-05-10

Despite more than a decade of evangelism on behalf of IPv6, the Internet community has not yet succeeded in moving the world to a new networking standard. Technologies such as Network Address Translation (NAT) and secondary markets for IPv4 numbers have introduced major economic efficiencies ...

Unit 42 Sees Surge in Attacks by Nigerian Cybercriminals

Published on: 2019-05-09

Attacks by the Nigeria-based SilverTerrier cybercrime gang surged in 2018 as the group increasingly focused on high-tech firms and wholesalers, according to a new analysis from the Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 threat research group.

Why Upgrading to Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series Switches?

Published on: 2019-05-09

In April, Cisco has released the newest Catalyst switch, the Catalyst 9600 series. Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series switches are purpose-built for resiliency at scale. They provide comprehensive security and can help your organization grow at low total operational cost.

Cisco Catalyst 9100 Access Point: Shipped with Wi-Fi 6

Published on: 2019-05-07

Recently, Cisco released the newest AP, the Catalyst 9100 series access points, which are shipped with Wi-Fi 6. We all know the Wi-Fi 6 is the newest Wi-Fi technology, the next-generation wireless standard that's faster than 802.11ac. What is the Wi-Fi 6? The emerging IEEE Wi-Fi 6 standard is ...

Network Break 233: The Dell EMC Product Deluge; Cisco Rolls Out Wi-Fi 6 APs

Published on: 2019-05-06

Today on Network Break we dive in the deluge of products announced at Dell EMC World, discuss new Wi-Fi 6 gear from Cisco, explore Cumulus's latest version of its NetQ switch management software, and tackle even more tech news. It's a bonanza episode so pack a few extra virtual donuts.

Critical SSH flaw affects Nexus 9000

Published on: 2019-05-06

The first of May, Cisco has revealed that its Nexus 9000 fabric switches have a critical flaw that could allow anyone to remotely connect to a vulnerable device using Secure Shell (SSH) and control it with root user privileges. Discovered and reported by Oliver Matula of ERNW Enno Rey Netzwerke ...

GORUCK Land Navigation Heavy - North AAR

Published on: 2019-05-02

Thursday morning came and it was time to load our gear into the car for the 1.5 hour drive north to Molon Labe crossfit gym in Macedonia, OH. My oldest two kids and I were excited to tackle a GORUCK Double Heavy.

How does Hikvision Camera Protect Your Money?

Published on: 2019-05-02

Do you have these experiences? When I'm walking into the ATM room, I think I'm walking into a dangerous room that every stranger may be a thief, who want to steal your money. When typing passport, I hope I'm fat so that I can keep my passport safe by my huge body.

Use Cisco Switch Selector to Find the Right Switch for Your Network

Published on: 2019-04-29

Cisco switches family becomes bigger and bigger. There are at least 7 series in Catalyst family, such as Catalyst 3850, Catalyst 9300, Catalyst 9500, etc. How to find the right one to meet our need? Today, we'd like to introduce you a tool from, the Switch Selector.

IaC – unit tests with jSNAPy and Ansible

Published on: 2019-04-24

JSNAPY is an open source tool released by Juniper Networks circa 2015 that is the Python version of the Juniper Snapshot Administrator. This tool in the most simplest sense gives us the ability to have unit-tests when working with Junos, much in the same way a developer would write tests against ...

Replicating at Speed

Published on: 2019-04-18

This blog is abstracted from one small aspect of two different real-world WAN network design discussions, part of consulting engagements. They involved two software development companies, and replication over the WAN. Let's look at what that entails at a high level. Both companies produce some ...

The Confluence of SD-WAN and Microsegmentation

Published on: 2019-04-18

If you had to pick two really hot topics in the networking space right now, you'd be hard-pressed to find two more discussed than SD-WAN and microsegmentation. SD-WAN is the former "king of the hill" in the network engineering. I can remember having more conversations about SD-WAN in the last ...

802.11ax Is NOT A Wireless Switch

Published on: 2019-04-10

802.11ax is fast approaching. Though not 100% ratified by the IEEE, the spec is at the point where most manufacturers and vendors are going to support what's current as the "final" version for now. While the spec for [what marketing people like to call Wi-Fi ...

Unfortunately, Seeing Isn’t Always Believing With Meraki Network Topology View

Published on: 2019-03-31

The only thing worse than an important feature that's missing in a network management solution is an important feature that works wrong. Those of us who pay for these systems expect the features that we trade our dollars for to actually, well, work. And bad information is just terrible in that ...

Migration Strategy: Moving From MPLS/LDP to Segment Routing

Published on: 2019-03-21

MPLS core networks that use Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) are common in SP core networks and have served us well. So, the thought of pulling the guts out of the core is pretty daunting and invites the question why you would want to perform open-heart surgery on such critical infrastructure.

3 Challenges for Network Engineers Adopting Ansible

Published on: 2019-03-14

Ansible, ansible, ansible seems to be all we hear these days. There are lots of resources out there all trying to convince us this is the new way get stuff done. The reality is quite different - adoption of tools like this is slow in the networking world, and making the move is hard for...

Cisco Live – Network Building Blocks for IoT

Published on: 2019-03-07

Cisco Live happened in Barcelona end of January, and as usual I am a little late with my blog posts about it. Like the last two years I was invited to join the group of technology experts for Tech Field Day Extra, with various presentations covering a number of new and improved Cisco ...

Aruba Wireless Controllers: Architecture & Configurations

Published on: 2019-02-21

A little bit of training, some researching, and a lot of time on the GUI is what I found to be the recipe in getting comfortable with Aruba Wireless Controllers. Even though I spent more time configuring the controllers via GUI, knowing the syntaxes I now find it much simpler to do it via the CLI.

Dynamic Network Diagrams, This is what we need!

Published on: 2019-02-26

We all create network diagrams. Network Engineers create network diagrams. But for who ? When ? How they are accurate ? Do we really need network diagrams ? Let me share my thoughts with you. Network engineers have been creating network diagrams, physical diagrams, logical diagrams, showing ...

A Discussion On Storage Overhead

Published on: 2019-01-28

Let's talk about transmission overhead. For various types of communications protocols, ranging from Ethernet to Fibre Channel to SATA to PCIe, there's typically additional bits that are transmitted to help with error correction, error detection, and/or clock sync. These additional bits eat up ...

Fibre Channel Login

Published on: 2019-01-26

There are three login processes to happen before the initiator can communicate to the target. The initiator will need to register itself to the fabric (FLOGI), then once registered, it needs to create a session to the target (PLOGI) and then exchange the required parameter both supports for ...

Postman Collection for vRealize Network Insight APIs

Published on: 2019-01-24

When developing automation and using APIs, Postman is a very welcome tool. I use it to test out API calls and to make sure I format the calls correctly, before translating it to the code of whatever I'm working on.

My Home Automation Gear

Published on: 2018-12-30

I've mostly kept this blog around virtualization technology. Over the last few months, I've had more and more conversations about home automation and how my house is tricked out. A lot of people seem to be interested in my setup, so I'm going to start sharing more on the gear, workflows & results.

Juniper RADIUS-delivered switching filters

Published on: 2018-11-06

I've been experimenting with getting RADIUS to deploy switching filters to Juniper switches recently, as part of a reference architecture demo. The concept is called REACH2020 and combines network virtualisation with the ability to identify network users and devices so that categories of user ...

Installing Moloch on Debian 9 Stretch

Published on: 2018-10-31

A tutorial explaining how to install Moloch, Elasticsearch and Java on Debian 9 Stretch.

Intent-Based Network Automation with Ansible

Published on: 2017-09-06

The latest in all the networking buzz these days is Intent-Based Networking (IBN). There are varying definitions of what IBN is and is not. Does IBN mean you need to deploy networking solely from business policy, does IBN mean you must be streaming telemetry from every network device in ...

Cisco Smart Install Remote Code Execution

Published on: 2018-04-05

At the end of March, Cisco published a stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability in Smart Install Client code. This vulnerability enables an attacker to remotely execute arbitrary code without authentication. So it allows getting full control over a vulnerable network equipment. Cisco Smart ...

RedNectar’s Hyperflex Pre-Install Checklist (Updated)

Published on: 2018-10-06

Completing Cisco's Pre-installation Checklist for Cisco HX Data Platform will capture all the information you need, but not necessarily in the order you need it, and for a single site only. So, I decided to write a version that gets the information in the order you need it and in a format that's ...

Meraki's LittleTable Isn't So Little Anymore #MFD3

Published on: 2018-09-26

Way, way back in 2013, I attended Wireless Field Day 4 and I heard a presentation by Sean Rhea of Meraki about their backend database LittleTable, how it was developed, how it worked and how it grew. A few highlights of Sean's presentation covered the server redundancy with data-center ...

App-V: Office 365 Pro Plus and SAP EPM COM Add-in loading issue

Published on: 2018-09-04

In the past months the preparation for Windows 10 image, core applications and App-V software packages has been done. The client migrations are now ongoing where several issues have pop-up during the switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10. New Office 365 Pro Plus installation is there and the need ...

Attacking Wireshark

Published on: 2018-09-03

Every once in a while there is some news about Wireshark being vulnerable to being attacked/exploited/pwned, meaning that there is a way to craft frames/packets in a pcap/pcapng file to make Wireshark crash and (if done right) execute malicious code. So let's take a look at what that means and ...

Resolution Immediacy and Deployment Immediacy – ACI Master Class

Published on: 2018-08-17

When configuring ACI, have you ever wondered what those Resolution Immediacy options [ Immediate | On Demand | Pre-provision] and the Deployment Immediacy options [ Immediate | On Demand] do? Read on to find out. I always like to start with a picture.

Cisco OpFlex

Published on: 2018-06-12

Cisco ACI uses OpFlex to communicate with VMWare DVS/VDS. OpFlex is an extensible policy protocol designed to exchange abstract policy between a network controller and a set of smart devices capable of rendering policy. OpFlex relies on a separate information model understood by agents in both ...

The Overlay Problem: Getting In and Out

Published on: 2016-09-30

I've been researching overlay network strategies recently. There are plenty of competing implementations available, employing various encapsulations and control plane designs. But every design I've encountered seems ultimately hampered by the same issue: scalability at the edge. Why Build an ...

L3 fabric DC -The underlay Network (BGP) -part2

Published on: 2017-01-17

In the previous post, we laid the foundation of L3 fabric DC In this post we will discuss the underlay network which mainly provide IP reachability plus ECMP capability, here BGP would play a role in your DC next to the 3 other that we discussed one of the previous posts.

L3 fabric DC -The underlay Network -Part1

Published on: 2016-12-07

In the previous posts we have discussed the classic DC designs and the M-LAG solution. In this post we will cover the basic L3 fabric DC, you might never heard of it or you think that's a solution for massive scale DC, yes the massive DC in the world would be running L3 fabric but nowadays more ...

Classic DC and M-LAG

Published on: 2016-08-29

In the pervious post we talked about BGP in Data Center and how it is a topic of discussion in between the DC and the SP arenas. In this post I will start explaining some classic DC design and laying its shortage which will engage the SP gurus with us, as well it will make sure ...

It's Dirty Work, But Somebody's Gotta Do It

Published on: 2015-02-14

Network Engineers are known to have to work in dirty places like under desks, janitors closets (err I mean network closets), and those weird spaces in mechanical rooms in which someone decided to hide a switch or two.

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