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Tier 1 US Operator Chooses Openet for Global Connected Car Services

Published on: 2019-05-14

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Openet today announced that its Openet Data Fabric solution has been successfully deployed by a Tier 1 US operator to collect and manage the data used in the settlement and reconciliation process for its global connected car services.

Ciena: We'll Stop 95% of Network Outages

Published on: 2019-05-14

By injecting AI and automation into a new Blue Planet service, Ciena claims it can prevent up to 95% of network outages. The new addition to the Blue Planet software platform -- Proactive Network Operations (PNO) - is a closed-loop automation platform that service providers can use to predict ...

Blue Planet Prevents up to 95% of Network Outages With New Proactive Network Operations Solution

Published on: 2019-05-14

HANOVER, Md. -- As networks become more complex and software-driven due to the rise of 5G, IoT, and cloud-based services, service providers have an urgent need to use more proactive methods for addressing service disruptions.

OpenStack Keeps One Eye on the Prize, One Over Its Shoulder

Published on: 2019-05-13

Op-Ed | By Dan Meyer The OpenStack Foundation (OSF) used its recent Open Infrastructure Show (OIS) to remind the open source community of its importance, maturity, and flexibility. But the event also showed that the group understands that the virtualized infrastructure environment is evolving ...

VMware: AWS Is Our No. 1 Cloud Partner, ‘What We’ve Built Is Incredibly Unique’

Published on: 2019-05-13

VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) took their relationship up a notch with the announcement that customers can now buy VMware Cloud on AWS directly through AWS and the cloud provider's partner network. Previously customers could only buy the hybrid cloud service through VMware or its partners.

UK Carriers Step Up 5G Rollout Plans, Seek Better Licensing Conditions

Published on: 2019-05-13

Wireless carriers in the United Kingdom recently updated their 5G launch plans that showed this year will be pivotal for those deployments. BT, which owns wireless carrier EE, last week flagged the "imminent" launch of its 5G network.

Microsoft Inks Wide-Ranging Partnership With SK Telecom on 5G, IoT

Published on: 2019-05-13

Microsoft inked a new agreement with SK Telecom to combine technological capabilities and collaborate on 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud services to expand and promote the capabilities of IoT. The deal also calls for both companies to work together on new AI-powered products and ...

Mellanox Infuses Ethernet Switches With Network Telemetry Tech

Published on: 2019-05-13

Mellanox bolstered its Ethernet switches with network telemetry technology to monitor the data plane for public clouds, private clouds, and enterprise computing. The monitoring technology, which it named What Just Happened (WJH), helps enterprises identify anomalies in the data plane.

Decoding Dialogflow: Introduction to Building Intelligent Bots

Published on: 2019-05-13

In the first of a multi-article series focusing on building intelligent bots using Google Dialogflow and Contact Center AI, we explain how Dialogflow bots work. Conversational AI is how artificial intelligence will impact the communications industry most.

Kagan: Keep your company’s AI investment on target

Published on: 2019-05-13

Companies have begun investing in AI, the next transformative technology. However, many are wasting money focusing on the wrong areas at this early stage. True, in coming years the AI revolution will completely reinvent the way we do business, but we are still just in the very early stages.

HPE’s CEO lays out his technology vision

Published on: 2019-05-13

Like Microsoft's Satya Nadella, HPE CEO Antonio Neri is a technologist with a long history of leading initiatives in his company. Meg Whitman, his former boss at HPE, showed her appreciation of Neri's acumen by promoting him to HPE Executive Vice President in 2015 - and gave him the green light ...

Microsoft Teams’ Superpowers Get More Super

Published on: 2019-05-11

More than 6,000 attendees, including more than 500 student-aged developers, gathered in Seattle last week to learn how to better leverage the Microsoft set of tools to deliver business solutions. While many in the UC community wrongly think of Teams as the next version of Skype for Business, ...

Who Should Acquire Avaya?

Published on: 2019-05-10

Following the receipt of "expressions of interest," Avaya has engaged J.P. Morgan to assist in exploring alternatives intended to maximize shareholder value. This is likely to do with speculation that Mitel offered to acquire Avaya. Putting price aside, the reaction to the idea of the two ...

The 10 most powerful companies in enterprise networking

Published on: 2019-05-07

Enterprises recognize that all of the new technologies they want to deploy - IoT, edge computing, serverless, containers, hybrid cloud, and AI - require a robust, flexible, secure, self-healing, software-driven network. And the industry has responded with fresh new approaches such as ...

ADVA and Intel® Select Solutions for uCPE

Published on: 2019-05-07

ADVA and Intel recently announced that Ensemble Connector is now a software option for Intel® Select Solutions for uCPE. This means that users can buy an integrated and verified hardware-software solution that is ready to deploy for universal CPE (uCPE) applications. What does that mean for ...

Cisco boosts SD-WAN with multicloud-to-branch access system

Published on: 2019-05-06

Cisco is looking to give traditional or legacy wide-area network users another reason to move to the software-defined WAN world. The company has rolled out an integrated hardware/software package called SD-WAN Cloud onRamp for CoLocation that lets customers tie distributed multicloud ...

Cisco Ushers in a New Wireless Era with Wi-Fi 6

Published on: 2019-04-29

Today Cisco is announcing innovative solutions that help customers embrace a new age of wireless connectivity. Wi-Fi 6 (also known as 802.11ax), the new standard for Wi-Fi networks, is redefining what's possible for businesses - powering a new era of immersive wireless experiences and the ...

Smart farming the latest moovement in IoT use cases

Published on: 2019-04-23

Smart farming refers to a new way to manage farms using modern information and communications technologies to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural products, improve efficiencies and productivity, as well as reduce costs.

What SDN is and where it’s going

Published on: 2019-04-16

Hardware reigned supreme in the networking world until the emergence of software-defined networking (SDN), a category of technologies that separate the network control plane from the forwarding plane to enable more automated provisioning and policy-based management of network resources.

Who will benefit the most from 5G

Published on: 2019-04-12

The growth of 5G cellular technology has gotten a lot of people excited, including those who are looking for 5G to provide a larger market for cloud computing, and most important, to simplify both connectivity and security. The question is: Who will have the most to gain? Enterprises that ...

Juniper opens SD-WAN service for the cloud

Published on: 2019-04-09

Juniper has taken the wraps off a cloud-based SD-WAN service it says will ease the management and bolster the security of wired and wireless-connected branch office networks.

Resolving the contradiction between cloud and security

Published on: 2019-04-04

Posted by Ulrich Kohn on April 04, 2019 Moving applications and data into public clouds is an easy way for enterprises to simplify cooperation among geographically dispersed teams and use compute and storage resources in a more efficient way. But those advantages come at a price.

What is infrastructure as code? A big step up from server scripting

Published on: 2019-03-07

If you have ever had to provision and configure a server, you know the pain it can bring. Take the process of configuring hardware connections, the software stack, and their interdependencies, and then multiply that across however many servers you are deploying-you are talking days and days of ...

How to move to a disruptive network technology with minimal disruption

Published on: 2019-02-27

Disruptive network technologies are great-at least until they threaten to disrupt essential everyday network services and activities. That's when it's time to consider how innovations such as SDN, SD-WAN, intent-based networking ( IBN) and network functions virtualization ( NFV) can be ...

Arm introduces Neoverse high-performance CPUs for servers, 5G

Published on: 2019-02-22

There have been some interesting developments in the Arm-as-a-server processor field, from Cavium's success to Amazon offering much cheaper instances on its home-brew Arm processors. But now Arm Holdings itself is getting into the fray, and it's offering is a whopper. Last October, Arm announced ...

Arm introduces Neoverse high-performance CPUs for servers, 5G

Published on: 2019-02-22

There have been some interesting developments in the Arm-as-a-server processor field, from Cavium's success to Amazon offering much cheaper instances on its home-brew Arm processors. But now Arm Holdings itself is getting into the fray, and it's offering is a whopper. Last October, Arm announced ...

CoreDNS joins Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy

Published on: 2019-01-24

CoreDNS, the DNS server created to serve as support infrastructure for Kubernetes, has been "graduated" by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, sustainers of Kubernetes and other open source technology for building modern clouds.

Why dynamic mapping is changing network troubleshooting for the better

Published on: 2017-05-15

Effective network troubleshooting requires experience and a detailed understanding of a network's design. And while many great network engineers possess both qualities, they still face the daunting challenge of manual data collection and analysis. The storage and backup industries have long been ...

How Are You Tackling Cloud Compliance?

Published on: 2019-05-14

How to Ensure Compliance Speed Bumps Don't Slow Your Public Cloud Adoption In the race to the cloud, I've noticed a disturbing trend. Daily, I speak to organizations that have moved production workloads over to cloud IaaS providers but haven't yet addressed how they will manage, measure and ...

3 Questions to Consider When Choosing an HPE Gen10 Server

Published on: 2019-05-14

HPE provide various series of servers to meet a variety of customers' needs. There are ProLiant series ( DL380 Gen10, DL360 Gen10, etc.), Apollo servers, Edgeline series and others. As the server family is so big, how can we choose a right one? Here shares you an answer.

Network Break 234: Windows Adds A Linux Kernel; Cisco Announces An SD-WAN Colo Option

Published on: 2019-05-13

Today's Network Break explores why Microsoft is adding a Linux kernel to Windows, examines a new SD-WAN colo option from Cisco, discusses a new offering from VMware and Dell EMC that lets you get infrastructure on premises but pay for it like the cloud, plus more tech news and a couple of ...

Heavy Networking 448: An Inside Look At What’s New In Juniper’s Contrail SD-WAN (Sponsored)

Published on: 2019-05-10

Today's Heavy Networking podcast is a sponsored conversation with Juniper Networks on what's new in its Contrail SD-WAN, including a cloud-managed option. We also examine competitive differentiators such as scale, and how Juniper is integrating Mist with Contrail SD-WAN to enable SD-Branch.

Economic factors affecting IPv6 deployment

Published on: 2019-05-10

Despite more than a decade of evangelism on behalf of IPv6, the Internet community has not yet succeeded in moving the world to a new networking standard. Technologies such as Network Address Translation (NAT) and secondary markets for IPv4 numbers have introduced major economic efficiencies ...

Set It and Forget It? Not for Cloud Security

Published on: 2019-05-09

The public cloud market is scorching most every other segment of the IT industry. According to a report from research firm Forrester, the public cloud market will double from its current size to reach $236 billion by the year 2020.

One-third of Viet Nam now IPv6 capable

Published on: 2019-05-09

Opening Ceremony of IPv6 service provision at the Conference on Vietnam IPv6 Day (6 May 2019). Photo: VNNIC Telecommunication organizations, state agencies and digital content service providers gathered in Hanoi this week to commemorate Viet Nam IPv6 Day (6 May).

Network Break 233: The Dell EMC Product Deluge; Cisco Rolls Out Wi-Fi 6 APs

Published on: 2019-05-06

Today on Network Break we dive in the deluge of products announced at Dell EMC World, discuss new Wi-Fi 6 gear from Cisco, explore Cumulus's latest version of its NetQ switch management software, and tackle even more tech news. It's a bonanza episode so pack a few extra virtual donuts.

Increasing Entropy with Crypto4A

Published on: 2019-04-26

Have you ever thought about the increasing disorder in your life? Sure, it may seem like things are constantly getting crazier every time you turn around, but did you know that entropy is always increasing in the universe? It's a Law of Thermodynamics! The idea that organized systems want to ...

vRealize Network Insight 4.1 – What’s New – API Edition

Published on: 2019-04-23

While I have all new features and awesomeness of the new version of vRealize Network Insight; 4.1, covered in my official VMware blog post (still can't believe I get to post there 😀 ), I thought I'd also cover what's new in the API. As it's quite a lot!

The Confluence of SD-WAN and Microsegmentation

Published on: 2019-04-18

If you had to pick two really hot topics in the networking space right now, you'd be hard-pressed to find two more discussed than SD-WAN and microsegmentation. SD-WAN is the former "king of the hill" in the network engineering. I can remember having more conversations about SD-WAN in the last ...

Ekahau Retools For The Future

Published on: 2019-04-09

As a long-time Ekahau user (pretty sure I was one of the first few American customers way back when), I've gotten used to continuous improvement and evolution from Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) suite of tools. There have always been new features right around the corner, and the company has been ...

Lessons Learned in Cloud Networking – AWS vs Azure

Published on: 2019-04-01

I've been working a lot with cloud networking lately. I will share some of my findings as this is still quite new and documentation around some topics is poor. Especially on the Azure side. Let me just first start with

The Cloud Is (Not) Magic

Published on: 2019-03-21

Cloud technologies are changing the world. Sometimes faster than businesses can keep up, both as consumers of managed or SaaS application, but also on the vendor side. This blog is about some things I've noticed recently as potential pitfalls, and business challenges affecting ability to ...

Interview with Joe Onisick

Published on: 2019-03-19

With this blog, I try to inspire and mentor. One person I have a lot of respect for is Joe Onisick. I had the pleasure of interviewing Joe. Joe has really transformed himself and everything about him lately and I

Amazon Transit VPCs and Transit Gateway

Published on: 2019-03-07

This blog is about AWS, specifically multiple VPCs and routing, and some recent developments. My intent is to give you the flavor of some AWS design approaches, and then point you to some good material for the details. Amazon AWS Transit VPCs is an important cloud concept to consider using as ...

SDN Ate My Hamster

Published on: 2019-02-04

I posted a Tweet the other day which gained a lot of attention in the networking community: As SDN gains more traction, people start fearing for their jobs. Some jobs will decrease in demand and some will disappear entirely. However,

Time for a change!

Published on: 2019-01-25

I'm close to working at VMware as an NSBU Pre-Sales Systems Engineer for 3 years now. Focusing fully on NSX (and all its family members) has always been a dream come true. I believe the way VMware executes on software-defined networking (SD-everything, really) is the future and good things are ...

Vendor Lock-in – Is It Really That Bad?!

Published on: 2018-12-30

In today's IT infrastructure, open source software is a common component. Many organizations and network engineers stay away from certain architectures and products citing vendor lock-in as their only argument but often lack the understanding to why they think vendor

SD-WAN – Glorified DMVPN?

Published on: 2018-12-28

I had an interesting discussion with Jon Cooper in the Network Collective Slack. The discussion was around SD-WAN. We were discussing if SD-WAN is just a "glorified DMVPN" or if it's something more than that. Note that this was a

“Thirteen hundred APs, no open support tickets” – achieving quality in wireless networks

Published on: 2018-10-08

"Thirteen hundred APs, no open support tickets," Sudheer Matta, VP of Products for Mist Systems, boldly stated during his MFD3 presentation. At the time, he was referencing one of their largest customers specifically, but the company's desire to prevent bugs, create high quality customer ...

Docker on Google Compute Engine Using Docker Machine

Published on: 2015-06-13

Next up in Using Docker Machine across private and public clouds, is Google Compute Engine (GCE). As with the other posts, a diagram of how I view the importance of a Docker Machine abstraction. First, if you don’t already have an account you can get $300 credit expiring after 60-days towards ...

Office 365: Exchange Hybrid issue with Windows Security of Outlook 2016

Published on: 2018-03-28

Outlook prompts for password when accessing migrated Exchange Online resource. The on-premise mailbox has been migrated to Exchange Online and the user opening the calendar to see free/busy and planned meetings is sitting on-premise Exchange server. Windows Security – Microsoft Outlook ...

Office 365: OneDrive for Business – Automatic sign in

Published on: 2018-03-28

Working on Windows 10 migration project and there is a need to enable automatic sign in of OneDrive for Business client when new user profile has been created. Windows 1709 image is golden installation image that will be used for global deployment. In the past months I have been working on ...

Wireless 2017: What We Wanted Then, and What We Want Today

Published on: 2017-12-15

As a wireless engineer, we study the 802.11 protocol. We read how the standard is written, study how it is supposed to work and yet seem to spend our time fighting why it doesn't work. Tweaking power, channels, datarates, toggling features and code versions in hope that things functions the way ...

Wearing Superhero Capes Around the Office

Published on: 2017-11-13

As an IT person, I love being a hero.  Solving a customer's issue, especially when others before me have tried and failed is fun.  But as a consultant, I can't be at all my customer's at once.  So when one of them has an issue, either it's remotely troubleshooting, or I'm rolling on-site to ...

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