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Cisco Live and Cisco Continuing Education Program

Published on: 2019-04-26

Well, the Cisco Live Scheduler is now open and there is one thing that I forgot to mention. If you are a CCIE, Cisco Live sessions can help you with your recertification by earning you CE credits via the Continuing Education Program.

Wireshark 3.0 Released

Published on: 2019-03-04

Recently, Wireshark dropped a major release which adds a few cool features (some new and some old). However outside of the new features, there is one major under the hood change this feature introduces. WireShark v3 for Windows now ships with Npcap as opposed to Winpcap that we have been used ...

WLPC – Person of the Year

Published on: 2019-02-25

Here I am at LAX airport stuck in 24 hrs after my return flight to home got cancelled last night. I thought it is good time recap my first ever WLPC (Wireless LAN Professional Conference) experience. WLPC was one of the conference that I was looking to attend in last few years.

Recap of my CLUS Experience

Published on: 2018-06-22

I came back from my first Ciscolive US event (June 10 -14 in Orlando), which was the best Ciscolive experience …Continue reading →

On my way to CLUS

Published on: 2018-06-09

I am excited to be in my first Ciscolive US starting tomorrow in Orlando, Florida. This post is about how I spent my time on the way to CLUS. When I decided I will go to CLUS, I booked my return fl...


Published on: 2018-05-25

Recently I had to work on a task that requirea a wired device needs to “eduroam” SSID which is configured …Continue reading →

WiFi Captures with Sniffer mode AP

Published on: 2018-04-07

In this post we will see how you can use Cisco AP in sniffer mode to capture wireless packets with …Continue reading →

Taking the CCIE Lab in RTP

Published on: 2016-07-29

Cisco's campus in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, is one of only two places in the United States where candidates can complete a CCIE lab exam (the other being in San Jose, California). People fly in from all over the eastern US and beyond to spend a day taking the exam. Lots of folks ...

CCIE Cont Ed Credits or How to milk your CCIE’s!

Published on: 2017-06-06

In case you missed it Learning@Cisco as finally announced their plan for Continuing Education Credits as a way to renew your CCIE instead of having to take an exam. You can read all the “official” stuff over at this link but let me break some things down as to why this is the dumbest ...

SourceFire & AMP showing up on CCNP: Security

Published on: 2016-09-22

Looks like the SITCS Exam, that is part of the CCNP: Security exam is going from v1.0 to v1.5. SITCS is the exam oriented around 'Implementing Cisco Threat Control Soluation'. Now, it only makes sense as the original version of this exam was more geared towards Cisco IPS & CX which has since ...

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